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JetCrew is the online facilitator that connects Crew with Private Jets operators and owners in a simple way. For Operators that needs crew is easy to find and hire them. For crew is a marketplace to find freelancing or permanent jobs. Captains, First Officers, Flight Attendants, and Engineers are most welcome to join JetCrew and see hundreds of Job Offers.

For CREW : They sign up with all their personal and professional details. They get indexed in the database of Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Engineers.

After that, they are searchable. But they can also apply for posted jobs and receive reviews and endorsements.

For OPERATORS : Registered operators can just search for crew or even better post a job offer with all the requirements and specifications. After that, the job is public and visible to all crew. They can send messages and negotiate the contract with the crew before signing the agreement. Once the operator completes the deal with the crew, they will be able to see all personal details that are not shown by default in the platform.

Any Corporate Aviation Company: Jet Owner or Aviation Operator. For the Crew: Captains First Officers with a validated license for corporate jets, Flight attendants or Engineers, both man, and woman with a valid aviation license. Aviation freelancers are most welcome.
There are several ways to use JetCrew. The responsive web allows you to log in from any device. Our iOS an Android App's improve the services with notifications and extended features.
JetCrew web is accessible from any device. iOS and Android are available in the Market.


Any operator with a valid license can hire crew through JetCrew. Regulations of each region apply to the service. For more details always read the T&C and Policies sections.
After login, you will be able to access your Dashboard. There you can click on edit profile. All your info and aircrafts can be updated.
To post a job, you must use the post a job button on your dashboard. You will have the opportunity to specify in detail the nature of the job and the individual requirements in case you have.
At the moment you agree with your crew and accept their application, the Operator needs to pay. After that, we will keep the money safe, and it will be only released to the Crew 24h after completing the job if no complaints are raised by any part. In case the vacancy is for a permanent contract, one of our agents will personally contact the Operator to complete the payment.
You will get access to all certifications, licenses and personal details of the crew after complete the hiring. JetCrew has no way to validate and cross checks the licenses so is the work of the Operator to verify them before the start date of employment. Jet Crew is working hard to Partner with security agencies and add a new layer of safety to the platform.


The crew must hold right licenses and validations. We take safety very seriously, and we have strict policies of banning fraudulent users.
Just go to your profile page and edit your information there. Remember to complete it with the most details you can. Add all your licenses and ratings, as well your CRM, Medical and refreshment courses.
Once an operator accepts your application, you will receive a push notification and an email.

You can choose between 3 options:

  • Regular listing: You are visible to all Operators, and they can search for you
  • Invisible listing: You are not viewable or searchable, but you still can apply for jobs. This total grant privacy while yet give you opportunities
  • Unlisted: You are inactive on the platform.
You can set your daily rate on your profile page. Alternatively, when you apply for a job, you can send an offer to the operator. You can choose to bid for a lower price if you want to do a job or just apply acknowledging the amount the operator has offered.
You will get paid 24h after completing the job if none of the parties submit a complaint. Please note that due bank policies the money might take a few days to reach your account, especially in the case of international transfer.
To deactivate an account, you just have to go to your profile and click on disable the account. When you do that, you will not be visible in searches, but your account will still be there.
You can bid for a job offer with the amount that you consider. If you are eager to do a job or just if it fits perfect in your schedule you can do that. An operator might offer a daily rate of 200$, and you want to bid to do it for 150$. Remember that another crew is also bidding and the operator will evaluate the final cost of the job.
Yes, you can. Just go to My jobs and submit a new bid.


We do work with a 100% safe payment gateway. The money is transferred and kept until the job is completed. Only then and if there are no complains from any party, the funds will be released.
As of now, we accept credit cards and PayPal, but we are working in alternative payment methods such as Bank transfers.
A job can be canceled 48h hours before starting. If the Operator decides to cancel the assignment after that time, there will be a penalty of 2 days of the total pay, which we will transfer to the crew. Keep in mind that the crew might have canceled other jobs to accept yours.
There is no penalty if you cancel 48h before the start of the job. Any other cancellation within this period will incur in 2 days of full payment for the crew.
We refund the full amount in the cases of: No show, cancellation by the crew, and probed crew bad service.
You will need to raise a complaint, and after getting all the information and discussing with our legal team, you might get a refund.?
Using the complaint button that you will find on your Jobs tab. We have dedicated ticketing system, and a customer representative will get in touch with you to understand the details of the complaint and take the right steps.
We encourage both crew and operators to write reviews. That helps the crew to have a recognized profile and the Operators to be even more trusted. Reviews are the fuel of the platform and kindly ask you to write one after the job is completed.