A private Jet Sits is parked on the tarmac

Why are there are so many Private Jets on the Ground?

You will surely have come across this scenario at some point: you are about to board your commercial flight and as you are accessing the airside (where the planes are), you pass by an area filled with  Private Jets. Some of these have their engines covered, which is a sign that they have been there for a long period of time, while others are parked closely, side by side – another sign of long stays. A third group of jets are preparing for their next flight.

Jets Parked in the airport
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Why are these Jets on the Ground?

Seeing all these private jets grounded, you may assume that they are waiting for rich individuals or top level executives who buy and sell companies, signing very expensive deals, or are simply enjoying luxury vacations at 6 star resorts, swimming in bathtubs filled with Moet & Chandon. While some of the jets exist for these reasons, for the vast majority, it is a different reality altogether.


The fact of the matter is that these Jets are grounded because they lack Crew to fly and operate them. You read correctly! Some of the jets do not have a pilot to fly them. Isn’t that a shame?


Statistics suggest that more than 60% of the grounded jets are there due to a lack of pilots or flight attendants to fly and service them. That means that out of 10 planes that are on the tarmac, 6 are waiting for a Pilot, a FirstOfficer or a CabinAttendant.

But wait, you know that there are many qualified Pilots and Crew out there, with hundreds of thousands of Pilots globally, some of whom are probably sitting at home seeking suitable opportunities. This is true, but the fact is that to fly one of these amazing jets, many conditions need to be met simultaneously.  


The Perfect Match between Jet and Pilot (Crew)

A captain Sits in the Cockpit of a private jet

Type Rating

Each jet has got a different rating (aircraft type) and the pilot must satisfy that specific rating to be able to fly it. For example, to fly a Bombardier Challenger 650, pilots must go through all the training and the certification relevant to this specific aircraft.

Authorizing License

Each country or region has its own official aviation institution(s) that must approve all take off and landing from and to their territories. These approvals include safety training, medical exams and various other formalities that the crew needs to fulfill. Some examples of License Issuing Institutions are the FAA for the US, the GCAA in the Middle East, and EASA in Europe.


Jet and Crew Location

What if the Jet is in London but the pilot is in Singapore?


Traditional Private Aviation contracting-hiring

This is an area where the biggest barrier probably exists.  In current times that are heavily influenced by a digital era, traditional private crewing contracting is still a slow, manual process that is carried out offline. To give you an example; it is similar to when you used to handover your curriculum vitae to someone that would then pass it on to another person,  after which it would be reviewed by the hiring manager and then eventually you may have receive a call, and so on….On top of that, traditional private crew contracting is laden with bureaucracy and intermediaries that slow down the process of getting Jets back in the air.

Usually, Traditional Corporate Aviation Contracting is:

  • Slow
  • Full of Guarantees and Hidden Fees
  • Expensive


How JetCrew is helping to bridge this gap

JetCrew has been created with the purpose of streamlining the relation between Jet Operators and Crew and the way in which they find each other. It is an End-To-End digital platform that speeds up crew contracting in an online environment, making it more seamless and free from lengthy offline bureaucratic paperwork. JetCrew enables Operators to do things like:

Quick Crew Search

The search engine allows the Operator to check for Crew in seconds without the need to wait for CV’s and Dossiers.


Operators will see when the Crew last checked in and where they were.

Filtered search based on type ratings or license validations allows operators to narrow down the pool of candidates and discard those that do not match the desired profile.


Operators have access to previous Jobs and reviews from other operators, as well as endorsements.

Licenses and Documents

Aviation, in general, operates under a very controlled and safe environment. At the end of the hiring process, the Operator has access to all of the Crew’s licenses and documentation.


Cost Saving

JetCrew is up to 52% cheaper than traditional crew contractors because we have eliminated all the intermediaries, in order to directly connect crew and operators.

Additionally, JetCrew helps Operators significantly reduce costs on permanent contracts by providing freelancing crew.


JetCrew also enables the crew to:

Search for Private Aviation Jobs

And fulfill their empty schedule with freelancing jobs

Discuss the Jobs

Through the safe chat feature, the conditions of each mission, starting point, layovers, per diems and more.

Send specific in offers for a job

For example, a pilot could outbid other crews sending a special offer to an operator.


Apply for full-time Private Aviation Jobs

Connect with Private Aviation operators worldwide


In summary, JetCrew is:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • Cheaper


At the time of the publishing of this article, JetCrew has close to 500 registered crew and more than 20 operators posting private aviation jobs on a regular basis.

JetCrew is helping to democratize the Private Aviation Jobs market and ultimately, put all the grounded Jets back in the air.

The jetCrew iOS App is also available in the app store.

A screenshot of the Private Aviation JetCrew app at the App Store