Welcoming Private Aviation Engineers to JetCrew

Private Aviation Engineers Jobs are now available at JetCrew

We are glad to announce a new Category in our Platform. Joining captains, first officers and flight attendants we have added Private Aviation Engineers.

Private Aviation Engineers are an essential part of the private aviation world; they keep aircrafts ready to fly and take care of all maintenance that is needed.
Some of the specific qualifications required for engineers are:

  • EWIS (electrical wire interconnecting System training )
  • Fuel safety training
  • Cat C rating -base maintenance qualification
  • B1 airframe and power plant or B2 Avionics electrical or B1 and B2
  • Line or Base Maintenance experience
  • Association to Any Part 145 facility

Screenshot of Private Aviation Engineers Category

A significant number of Private Aviation Engineers jobs will be posted in 2018.
Keep up to date checking the job board at JetCrew