Welcoming Private Aviation Engineers to JetCrew

Private Aviation Engineers Jobs are now available at JetCrew

We are glad to announce a new Category in our Platform. Joining captains, first officers and flight attendants we have added Private Aviation Engineers.

Private Aviation Engineers are an essential part of the private aviation world; they keep aircrafts ready to fly and take care of all maintenance that is needed.
Some of the specific qualifications required for engineers are:

  • EWIS (electrical wire interconnecting System training )
  • Fuel safety training
  • Cat C rating -base maintenance qualification
  • B1 airframe and power plant or B2 Avionics electrical or B1 and B2
  • Line or Base Maintenance experience
  • Association to Any Part 145 facility

Screenshot of Private Aviation Engineers Category

A significant number of Private Aviation Engineers jobs will be posted in 2018.
Keep up to date checking the job board at JetCrew

The JetCrew Android App is now available for Android

The JetCrew Tech Team has rolled-out the JetCrew Android App to the Google Play Store.

Although the Crew prefers to use iPhone the use of Android Systems accounts for around the 40% of the Crew population around the world. In many cases, the Crew members have two devices one Android-based and an iOS one.

The Android version of JetCrew also includes a bunch of new features such as the OTP(One time password) verification for new users and other bug fixes.

The app can be download from this link: JetCrew Android App 

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JetCrew nominated at The Aviation Business Awards

JetCrew has been nominated for the ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ Category at The Aviation Business Awards

This prestigious awards will be announced at the 11th Aviation Business Awards on 11 October 2017 at the Grosvenor House in Dubai


JetCrew has been nominated for the ‘Technology Innovation of the Year’ Category at The Aviation Business Awards.
This prestigious award will be announced at the 11th Aviation Business Awards on 11 October 2017 at the Grosvenor House in Dubai.
The Aviation Business Awards 2017 ceremony will include 15 categories honoring the entire spectrum of industry achievements, including the airline, airport and cargo sectors, along with support services companies. 
Among other contenders for the Technology Innovation of the Year are:
3D-Printed Aircraft Parts – Etihad Airways Engineering
ALS Logistic Solutions 
Approach Peak Offload Procedure (APO) – DANS
UAS International Trip Support

Image of a Private Jet and text about The Aviation Business Awards

How To Create a Private Jet Operator Account at JetCrew | Video Tutorial 2

Private Jet Operator Account Completion

Once the Operator account is approved it is time to complete the profile. The profile information is key for the Crew and as well a good reference. It is crucial to add at least one aircraft to the fleet, otherwise, it will not be possible for the operator to post any job.
Company logo, the person in charge and base are also very important fields to fill.

Screenshot of JetCrew YouTube Channel

How To Create a Private Pilot Account at JetCrew | Video Tutorial

Creating a Private Pilot account at JetCrew.co.

In this 2 minute video, we go through the process of creating a Private Pilot account at JetCrew.co. It is actually very similar for First Officers and Flight Attendants. The video is accelerated but in reality, take around 12 minutes to complete a Profile at JetCrew and access many Private Aviation Jobs.
With your account, you will be able to Apply for Jobs and also send special offers for them. If you have available slots in your schedule you can always send an offer to an operator for a mission.
We also have long-term contracts.
Create your account now and start applying for Private Aviation freelance jobs.

JetCrew for Private Jet Operators – Video Introduction

JetCrew is the online platform that connects Private Jet Operators and Private Aviation Crew.

JetCrew facilitates the Crew contracting for Private Jet Operators, with features like:  

  • Job posting with many different criterias
  • Geo Localization of the Crew and last reported position
  • Crew vetting and selective process for candidates
  • Find Crew through the advanced searches
  • Interactive Chat/Messenger to agree on the details with the Crew members.

JetCrew for Private Aviation Crew – Video Introduction

JetCrew is the online platform that connects Private Jet Operators and Private Aviation Crew.

Some features that make JetCrew different are:

  • Search and fulfill their empty schedule with freelancing jobs.
  • Discuss through the safe chat the conditions of each mission, starting point, layovers, per-diems and more.
  • Send specific in offers for a job.
  • For example, a pilot could outbid other crews sending a special offer to an operator.
  • Apply for full-time jobs. Connect with operators worldwide
A private Jet Sits is parked on the tarmac

Why are there are so many Private Jets on the Ground?

You will surely have come across this scenario at some point: you are about to board your commercial flight and as you are accessing the airside (where the planes are), you pass by an area filled with  Private Jets. Some of these have their engines covered, which is a sign that they have been there for a long period of time, while others are parked closely, side by side – another sign of long stays. A third group of jets are preparing for their next flight. Continue Reading