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About Us

About JetCrew

We are an online Crew sourcing agency that connects Corporate Aircraft Operators with
Corporate Crew members, directly and efficiently. It allows Operators to find the right
Crew, connect with, hire and fly!
With us, you get access to crew, anytime and anywhere. Through detailed reviews and
bids, you can find exactly what you are looking for, especially through our specific
customization features. Our platform is cost-efficient and all payments are secure. More
so, we are with you on the go through our mobile app, making it easy and instant to plan
your flights.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide a user-friendly, transparent and secure platform that allows users
immediate access,
monitoring and control over posts and job requests. By offering
professionalism, support and unmatched, quality services, we increase Crew visibility
and opportunities through a live system that is accessible to Operators.
Through secure payment methods, rankings and reviews, all users are ensured that
their choice of Operator or Crew member is an ideal one.
We consistently aim to streamline Crew contract charges, reducing the middle agencies
putting the Crew in control of their own rates and availability.

How we do what we do

Our portal functions though various elements which include search filters, rankings and
reviews, allowing users to quickly identify reliable qualifications and availability to suit
their timeframe and criteria. Operators and Crew can connect instantly through direct
messaging to further clarify details of their flight. Closing a contract is completely in the
hands of the users.
Crew is dispatched once confirmation of payment by the Operator is
received and will be delivered to Crew when the contract is fulfilled to complete